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I usually avoid submitting negative reviews, but my experience with Mixx Travel leaves no other acceptable options. To put it bluntly, their service was a total disappointment and a far cry from the high standards you would expect from a travel agent.

Mixx Travel mistakenly suggested hotels for our stay that already had a barrier of bad reviews and terrible press. Any sensible travel agent should do their due diligence and avoid recommending questionable places, but it seems Mixx Travel has thrown caution out the window. I can’t believe how a travel agent, who is supposed to be experienced and knowledgeable in their field, can advise unsuspecting customers to use such mediocre services!

And then they had the audacity to oversell these hotels as “five-star” establishments when in reality they couldn’t even muster up a three-star rating! My family and I honestly felt let down as we stepped into the drab lobby of what was marketed to us as a five-star luxury hotel. We quickly discovered that the reality was markedly different and far below the standards promised to us by Mixx Travel.

To be fair, their customer service representative was pleasant and helpful when we called to complain about our regrettable experience. They quickly helped us find another hotel when we were inevitably asked to leave the initial hotel for reasons that are frankly too embarrassing to go into. Read for yourself here about Lake and River Side . But this quick-fix solution doesn’t absolve them of their flawed, indifferent approach to choosing hotels for their customers. It seemed like customer service was a band-aid for big and repeated mistakes, rather than a guarantee of their service quality.

In conclusion, I am shocked by their negligent approach and the ill-judged choices they suggest to their customers. If you value your money and peace of mind, I would strongly advise against using Mixx Travel’s services. The task of finding suitable accommodation shouldn’t resemble a game of Russian roulette. In the end, you’re better off doing your own research and playing it safe than relying on Mixx Travel to fulfill their exaggerated promises!”

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